Israeli, Arab Gunners Duel on Lebanon Border

From Associated Press

Arab guerrillas and Israeli gunners fought shelling duels in south Lebanon for a third day today, and Israeli-backed Lebanese militiamen killed three Arabs in Israel’s self-proclaimed security zone.

Police said Arab fighters unleashed a barrage of about 30 Katyusha rockets at the security zone in south Lebanon at daybreak, and the Israelis responded by shelling Palestinian targets.

A casualty report was not immediately available, they said. In Jerusalem, the Israeli military command said dozens of the Soviet-made rockets were fired at the security zone’s eastern side and caused no casualties or damage.

In an unrelated incident, a patrol from the Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army militia exchanged fire with guerrillas, also in Israel’s self-proclaimed security zone, killing three Arabs.


The Israeli army said in a statement that the fighting occurred two miles from the Israeli settlement of Zarit. It said two militiamen were also wounded in the exchange.

Israel radio said the three guerrillas, wearing flak jackets and carrying grenades and Soviet-made Kalashnikov rifles, were apparently Palestinians on their way to attack a northern Israeli settlement.

Earlier, Israel radio said rocket explosions from the Arab barrage were heard in a northern Israeli settlement and that Israeli troops fired back.

Israeli officials have said the three rocket attacks against the Jewish state in as many days appeared to be the work of Palestinian guerrilla groups who have sided with Iraq in the Gulf War.