SANTA ANA : City Delays Vote on Pushcart Ban

The City Council will wait 30 days before voting on an ordinance that would ban pushcart vendors in all areas of the city except for some parts of downtown.

The ordinance vote, which was scheduled this week , was delayed when Councilman Miguel A. Pulido Jr. said he wanted time to meet with vendors and residents to explore alternatives to ban.

The ordinance would reduce the number of licensed pushcart vendors from 314 to 22. There would be 13 vendors allowed to sell on 4th Street and nine at the Civic Center, the two most populated downtown areas.

The ordinance is the result of intense pressure from businesses and residents who have complained about pushcarts at shopping centers and in neighborhoods.

"I want to make sure in 30 days we're not where we are today which is with a lot of questions and not a lot of answers," Pulido said.

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