President Saddam Hussein broadcast a speech over Baghdad Radio on Thursday vowing that his nation will continue its struggle, confident of victory against the U.S.-led allies. Saddam Hussein

Martyrdom. "The mother of battles will be our battle of victory and martyrdom. . . . They want us to surrender, but of course they will be disappointed."

Withdrawal. "They wanted the word withdrawal . . . but they don't care for it now and talk about new things (Saddam was referring to his Feb. 15 offer of a pullout linked to other demands considered unacceptable by the allies.) By the word withdrawal they meant stripping Iraq of all power. . . . They want from us many new concessions."

Determination. "Our people and armed forces are determined to continue the struggle. . . . They are willing to sacrifice. . . . We'll continue the struggle confident that we will eventually win victory. . . . (The allies) don't want to confront our ground forces in southern Iraq. A lot of people still don't know the real capability of our army."

The White House

White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater issued this statement in response to the speech by Hussein :

Disappointment. "The statement by Saddam Hussein this morning is disappointing. He repeats the same invective and disregard for the United Nations mandate that we have heard so often since Aug. 2. In vowing to continue the war, he once again demonstrates his determination to maintain the aggression against Kuwait and the absence of compassion for his people and his country."

Determination. "For our part the coalition forces remain on the course set by the 12 United Nations resolutions. Our forces remain on a steadfast course. The liberation of Kuwait continues."

The broadcast came as Iraqi Foreign Minister Tarik Aziz was traveling to Moscow via Tehran with a reply to a Soviet peace plan.

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