Text of Bush’s Statement on Gulf War Progress


I know that the issue on all of our minds is the war in the Gulf, and I’m glad to report, after consultation a few minutes ago with (Joint Chiefs of Staff) Chairman Gen. (Colin L.) Powell that the news is good. Coalition air and ground forces are advancing on their objectives. Enemy prisoners are surrendering in large numbers, large numbers. And thus far, thank God, U.S. and coalition casualties are few.

The liberation of Kuwait is on course and on schedule. We have the initiative. We intend to keep it. We must guard against euphoria. There are battles yet to come and casualties to be borne.

But make no mistake: We will prevail. Kuwait will soon be free. And America’s men and women in uniform will return home to the thanks and respect of a grateful nation.

This was war thrust upon us, not a war that we sought.


But naked aggression such as we have seen must be resisted if it is not to become a pattern, and our success in the Gulf will bring with it not just a new opportunity for peace and stability in a critical part of the world but a chance to build a new world order based upon the principles of collective security and the rule of law.