Hotel, Golf Project Should Be OKd

Judging from the recent spate of letters to various local newspapers, there appears to be an organized opposition developing in regard to the proposed hotel/golf course at the former Marineland site. These letter writers obviously want no new development at the site and have predicted that the proposed development will be a money-losing white elephant that will detract from the beauty of the current site. Such hogwash!

This entire situation reminds me of a similar proposed development at the Santa Barbara beachfront in the early 1980s. A 360-room hotel and conference center was proposed for a large and dilapidated area near Santa Barbara’s beautiful beachfront. Even though the area for the proposed hotel was quite dilapidated and unpleasant to view, much like the current Marineland site is, there still persisted a small vocal group of people that objected to any change or development. The hotel development issue was finally put before the voters for their approval. The voters overwhelmingly approved to allow development to proceed. Today, some 10 years later, the Fess Parker/Red Lion Inn stands as a wonderful addition to Santa Barbara’s unique beachfront.

The opportunity that now exists for a similar wonderful addition to the Rancho Palos Verdes environment should not be stifled by a vocal minority. Any questions about the financial viability of the proposed development are best left to the developer. He has the financial stake in this matter. The combination of tax revenues to the city, along with a beautiful addition to our community, is too much to pass up.



Rolling Hills Estates