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These are the 12 resolutions adopted by the U.N. Security Council since the invasion of Kuwait. Baghdad Radio said the Iraqi leadership had agreed to abide by three of the resolutions--660, 662 and 674. White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater said the statement fell short, adding that the Iraqis had rejected resolutions 661, 665 and 667. Here are all 12:

* Aug. 3. One day after Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Security Council voted 14-0 for Resolution 660 to condemn the invasion and demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Iraq’s troops.

* Aug. 6. The council voted 13-0 on Resolution 661 to impose a trade and financial embargo of Iraq.

* Aug. 9. In Resolution 662, the council voted 15-0 to declare Iraq’s annexation of Kuwait null and void in international law.


* Aug. 18. In Resolution 664, the council voted 15-0 to demand that Iraq free all detained foreigners.

* Aug. 25. The council voted 13-0 on Resolution 665 to give the United States and other naval powers the right to enforce the economic embargo.

* Sept. 13. The council voted 13-2 on Resolution 666 to allow humanitarian food aid into Iraq or Kuwait only “to relieve human suffering.”

* Sept. 16. The council voted 15-0 on Resolution 667 to condemn Iraq’s aggressive acts against diplomatic missions in Kuwait, including the abduction of foreigners in the buildings.

* Sept. 24. On Resolution 669, the council voted 15-0 to stress that only its Sanctions Committee has the power to permit food, medicine or other humanitarian aid to be sent into Iraq or occupied Kuwait.

* Sept. 25. The council voted 14-1 on Resolution 670 to explicitly expand its economic embargo to include all air cargo traffic in or out of Iraq and Kuwait, except for cargoes of humanitarian aid specifically authorized by its Sanctions Committee.

* Oct. 29. The council voted 13-0 on Resolution 674 to hold Iraq liable for war damages and economic losses, to ask nations to collect evidence of grave human rights abuses by the occupying forces, to demand that the Western embassies in Kuwait City be restocked with food and water, and to demand that all hostages be released.

* Nov. 28. The council voted 15-0 on Resolution 677 to condemn Iraq’s alleged attempts to drive out Kuwaitis and repopulate their country, and it asked U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar to take possession of Kuwait’s census and citizenship records for safekeeping.


* Nov. 29. The council voted 12-2 on Resolution 678 to give Baghdad “one final opportunity” until Jan. 15 to comply with all previous resolutions. After that date, nations allied with Kuwait are authorized “to use all necessary means” to force Iraq to withdraw and honor the resolutions, a phrase that all council members agree would permit a military strike.