In our Dylan phase we walked around...

In our Dylan phase we walked around with a red bandanna covering our head, and slouched a lot. When our parents spoke to us, we used to smile dreamily and mumble something about them getting out of the way.

One day, however, mom asked if it was our turn to take out the garbage.

“Hey, it ain’t me, babe,” we replied.

And that was the end of our Dylan phase.


Then came our Woody Guthrie phase. In our mind we saw Guthrie as a heroic figure emerging from a veil of dust, guitar in hand, to ramble all across the country singing against injustice and about the plain, unadorned beauty of life.

Then Phil Ochs caught our ear, and Pete Seeger our heart.

Music of protest, commitment and grass-roots genuineness.

Which brings us to folk singer Tom Chapin.

With the release of his third children’s album, “Mother Earth,” Chapin adds to an impressive list of credits that includes three albums of folk songs, and his work as host of the TV children’s show “Make a Wish” and as a Broadway performer, musical director, arranger and producer.

Chapin brings his troubadour ways to the Wadsworth Theater at 2 p.m. Saturday. Ticket prices vary. For information call (213) 825-9261.