OJAI : Council Considers Bond to Buy Land


The Ojai City Council is considering putting a bond measure to preserve open space before Ojai Valley voters in June, 1992.

The measure to purchase open space or parkland in the Ojai Valley would require approval of two-thirds of the voters to raise property taxes. The amount of the increase has not been set.

Councilman Steve Olsen will meet with Ventura County supervisors and county staff to determine how a valleywide tax assessment district could be formed.


“The city has always supported the concept of open space,” Olsen said. “We won some close battles with zoning, and there is no guarantee we can always win those battles. The bottom line is that we need to acquire any land we want to save from development.”

Olsen said a council subcommittee has drawn up a dream list of properties, mostly outside the city and all for sale.

“Nobody is going to go out and take anybody’s land,” he said.