Archbishop on Violence

Archbishop Mahony's column is particularly disturbing. His distress over Los Angeles Police Officer Tina Kerbrat's tragic death is understandable, as we are all experiencing the same sense of loss. To use his position in an effort to influence public officials to alter the content and implementation of the Constitution is even more disturbing and less understandable.

There appears to be a morbid fascination with tragedy. Every instance of violent death with a firearm is exploited to the ultimate, yet the thousands of incidents where violence has been prevented by a weapon in the hands of an honest citizen are ignored.

If we are to curb the storm of violence raging through society today, we must address the cause. We must investigate the family and social conditions that promote, condone and encourage violence and alter that social structure as required.

Our legal system provides for freedom of choice in religious pursuits, freedom of speech and the right to have arms for defense of home and family. It also provides that there shall be no mixture of church and state and there shall be substantial penalties for abuse of freedoms.

Enforcement of the 22,000 gun control laws now in effect would have prevented the violent trend of today. We do not need more laws; we need social redirection!

W.L. GLADISH, Tujunga

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