Paramount : 21-Cent Trash Rate Increase Voted for Residential Users

The City Council has approved a 21-cent increase in the monthly trash rate for residential customers. The average household bill will increase from $6.89 per month to $7.10.

For commercial customers, the council approved a 15-cent monthly increase.

Metropolitan Waste Disposal, the city's trash hauler, had requested an increase of 22 cents in residential fees and a hike of 17 cents for commercial customers. Metropolitan officials said the increases are necessary to meet increases in county dump fees.

The increases will go into effect in 30 days. Despite the increases, officials said Paramount trash rates remain among the lowest in the Southeast area.

In other action, the council passed an ordinance that prohibits large commercial vehicles from parking on private property in residential areas. Citations will be issued to anyone parking vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds on residential property.

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