Scout Oath Debate Questions Faith in God, First Amendment

In response to the Randall twins ("Father Sues Scouts for Expelling Twin Sons," March 1): I am tired of hearing of the abuse to the First Amendment (guarantees of) freedom of speech.

Our country was founded on the basis of believing in God. That is why our currency says "In God We Trust."

If these two kids or adults don't believe in the ideals of an organization founded on specific beliefs or principles, they should go start their own based on their belief system. I was a Boy Scout as a youngster, and looking back, I am glad and proud of the impact it had on my life and belief system.

In closing, the Randalls have obviously steered their twins in their beliefs based on what they have observed at home, and people like them should buy a one-way ticket out of this country founded in God's name.

FLOYD TAYLOR, Fountain Valley

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