Desalination Project

The drought is severe and mandatory water rationing is at hand. Under this austerity, I would like to inform readers that the California Maritime Academy is conducting an extensive research project examining large-scale desalination for California.

Having several decades of experience in the disciplines of desalination (for Merchant and Naval vessels), we here at the academy are analyzing the use of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power to make the conversion of salt water reasonably affordable. However our school, like all others in this state, is suffering from extreme budget cuts and this is hindering our research.

If readers look dimly on the prospects of water rationing and would like to assist our state's desalination experts in solving the water crisis, they can direct tax deductible donations for this research to: The Marine Research Group, c/o CMAF; P.O. Box 7524, Vallejo, CA 94590. Even a $5 contribution goes a long way in buying materials for test models.

DONALD MAYER, Project Director

Marine Research Group, Vallejo

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