PLATFORM : Hopeful Politics

There are many elected officials across the state and nation who hear the call of reform. There are many who have practiced good government as they have served. And there are many new leaders waiting in the wings ready to challenge the media to begin covering the good policy-makers as diligently as they cover those who have failed the process.

None of us is perfect. But the well-intentioned need exposure to begin bringing hope back to people about their government. We need positive examples to interest young people in the process--a process that must ultimately attract the best and the brightest in order to achieve solutions to our pressing public policy problems.

There is hope. It is an exciting time to be in government. I am honored that voters have given me this chance to participate. Like so many of my colleagues, I am humbled by the responsibility of public trust that a victory such as this brings. But hand in hand, we can take our government back. It's time to feel good about the process again.

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