SPECIAL REPORT: WITNESS TO WAR : Memoirs From the Battle Front, the Diplomatic Front and the Home Front : THE STRATEGY: Feint and Fury

What Was Learned

* The AirLand battle doctrine initially worked out by U.S. strategists for use by NATO against Soviet forces passed - its first test in actual wartime conditions--spectacularly.

* A battle mockup discovered behind enemy lines shows that Iraqi forces anticipated an allied amphibious landing and deployed their forces to stop it--indicating that U.S. efforts to deceive the enemy strategically were successful.

What is still Unknown:

* How to obtain speedy battle-damage reports in the face of bad weather and heavy smoke-damage.

* Why the allies were unable or unwilling to silence Baghdad Radio.

* Whether the Iraqis' unused coastal defenses in Kuwait were any better than their land defenses.

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