IRVINE : Irvine Co., Activists to Discuss Westpark

In an attempt to find a middle ground in the feud between slow-growth activists and the Irvine Co., City Councilman Bill Vardoulis will meet with the opposing sides Tuesday morning.

Vardoulis offered to meet with members of the two groups after Irvine Tomorrow, a politically active group of anti- and slow-growth residents, gathered enough signatures to challenge the Irvine Co.'s proposed Westpark II subdivision. The petition halted the 3,800-home project, which the City Council approved in December, and requires the council to either overturn its approval or place the matter on the ballot.

Vardoulis said his goal is to find out if Irvine Co. and Irvine Tomorrow leaders can agree on modifications to Westpark II that satisfy both sides. If so, the council could overturn its original approval and let the Irvine Co. return with an alternative plan.


Under state law, if the council or voters overturn the Westpark II project, the company would have to wait one year before bringing a substantially similar project back for approval.

But studying a different project would be unproductive if Irvine Tomorrow would also try to overturn that one, Vardoulis said.

Scheduled to meet at 7 a.m. Tuesday at City Hall are top officials of Irvine Community Builders, which is the Irvine Co.'s residential division, and leaders of Irvine Tomorrow’s petition drive. Vardoulis said the meeting will be open to the public.