Ex-Planner Backs Ousted Manager

I was very dismayed when I heard that the Cerritos City Council fired Gaylord Knapp, city manager. I served as a Cerritos planning commissioner for over 10 years starting in 1977. I had the opportunity to witness Knapp's decisions from a close-up, knowledgeable position. It is my belief that he always considered the long-term best interests of the majority of Cerritos residents when he took positions contrary to developers or City Council members.

His excellent planning, fiscal responsibility and good management are the reasons Cerritos residents don't pay a city tax today. In his position, you can't make difficult decisions and make everyone happy. Stand back and look at the overall results of his work in Cerritos--then make a judgment for yourself.

I believe Mayor Ann Joynt has worked since she was elected to the council to get Knapp fired. She has undermined his position by doing everything she could to make him and the city staff look inept. She should be challenged by the residents who take pride in Cerritos and be recalled from office for her vindictive acts.



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