Eileen Sedgwick; Silent Films Star

Eileen Sedgwick, star of several silent serials and other adventure pictures, many of them for Universal in the years just preceding sound films, has died.

Her son, Edward Hutson, said his mother was 92 when she died of pneumonia at Daniel Freeman Marina Hospital on March 15.

Before entering films in 1915 she had been a member of "The Five Sedgwicks," a family singing and dancing act that appeared widely in vaudeville.

Her first picture was "Eagle's Nest" in 1915 and her last was "Yellow Contraband" in 1928.

In between were other features and the many serials in which she was the constantly endangered heroine: "Lure of the Circus," "The Great Radium Mystery," "The Diamond Queen," "Terror Trail," "Beasts of Paradise," "The Riddle Rider" and "The Fighting Ranger" among others.

In 1929 she married Clarence Hutson, who became an executive with 20th Century Fox, and she retired from films.

In addition to her son she is survived by five grandchildren.

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