Arguments Continue Over El Toro Name Change

While reading the March 24 edition of The Times Orange County Section, I was taken aback after reading the fine articles on the retired cowboy Reyes Serrano (“Unwelcome Change”) and the U.S. Marine Ollie Wilson (“2 Men Called Heroes After Catching Suspect in Sexual Attack, Robbery”) who recently helped save a woman’s life in Fullerton.

It was Mr. Serrano’s concern about changing the well-established and historical name of El Toro to the embarrassingly yuppie name of “Lake Forest” that caught my attention.

In addition to having latecomers to the area trying to gain some perceived (but unearned) status by using a developer’s marketing name for a tract of homes in the ‘70s, this vote had some uncomfortable overtones of racism and anti-military feelings. The history of the El Toro area is rich in Spanish history and the service of the Marines at the air base since WWII goes without saying.

However, it appears that a group of uninformed, status-seeking individuals have picked a marketing name over one of deep historical significance.


Will their children 10 or 20 years from now decide to change it again to Moonbeam City or Garden of the Gods Metropolis? This name change was truly shameful.