Pros, Cons on Galanter

The March 17 article, “Galanter Must Now Stand on Her Own Record,” leaves the mistaken impression that the community of Westchester is opposed to Loyola Marymount University’s plans to improve its campus. In reality, many of us support the plan, since it is aimed at enhancing the university’s academic facilities and bringing more students on campus to live, not at expanding the student body.

Increasing on-campus residence will reduce traffic in our neighborhoods, as will the planned addition of a new access road connecting the campus directly with Lincoln Boulevard. Parking problems will be resolved by the addition of on-campus parking for 850 cars.

The article also gave the impression that Councilwoman Galanter has been uninvolved in the meetings between the community and the university. Nothing could be further from the truth. For four years, she has been very much involved in negotiations that have led to some important changes in the university’s plans, including an increase in the buffer area between our homes and the new buildings, and a relocation of the planned access road.

Members of our organization feel that in the long run, Westchester actually stands to benefit from the university’s campus improvement plans.



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