Dodger Fans Are Feeling Let Down as Result of Fernando Being Let Go

For an organization that prides itself on tradition and its history (it seems every season is an anniversary of something or other), the Dodgers' release of Fernando Valenzuela is a surprise and a disappointment.

Fernando (along with Mike Scioscia) was a link to some great Dodger teams. That link is weakened now and the team taking the field on opening day will be little more than a rogue's gallery of former Dodger nemeses: Strawberry, Butler, Samuel, Daniels, Carter, Ojeda, Gross, Gott, Candelaria.

Don't get me wrong, I want the Dodgers to win as much as the next fanatic. But on the 10th anniversary of Fernandomania (and a Dodger world championship) a little something special has been lost.

Go Strangers!


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