Among the 1,686 undergraduates enrolled at California Lutheran University last fall, Registrar Alan Scott counted 119 Latinos, 50 Asian-Americans, 35 African-Americans and seven American Indians--a 12.5% minority student body.

That puts the university behind county population figures, behind many California public and private universities, and behind estimated college enrollment figures nationwide. But it nevertheless marks an improvement for the campus, which reported 10.7% minority enrollment in 1988 and 12.4% in 1989.

Here are enrollment figures for other institutions:

* Officials at Cal State Northridge estimate that in the fall of 1990 they had 4,000 students from Ventura County, including about 1,100 attending upper-division and graduate classes at the university's Ventura satellite campus. Of the 4,000, said satellite campus Director Joyce Kennedy, 11% are Latinos, 3% Asians, 2% black and 1% American Indians.

* At UC Santa Barbara, officials counted 15,975 undergraduates enrolled in the fall of 1990. Among them, about 1,100 were from Ventura County. Overall, 11.3% were Asians, Pacific Islanders or Filipinos, 10.8% were Latinos, 3.3% were black and 1.2% were American Indians.

* At private Pepperdine University in Malibu, the 2,600-student enrollment is 14% minorities, with the number of minority freshmen up from 92 to 148 in the last year. Paul Long, dean of admissions, attributed the increase to a boost in student grant money from industry and private foundations.

* Nationwide, 1989 figures from public and private universities showed that 8.6% of students were black, 5.2% were Latinos and 3.8% were Asians.

* At Ventura County Community College District, officials said the most recent ethnic figures they have date back to the fall of 1988. They put Moorpark College's nonwhite enrollment at 15.7%, Oxnard College's at 52% and Ventura College's at 26%. Overall, the district's enrollment was 30,998, including 16.7% Latinos, 6.1% Asians, Pacific Islanders and Filipinos, 2.7% blacks and 1.8% American Indians.

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