Gays and Closets--a TV Controversy


As the writers of the Jan. 12 episode of “The Golden Girls,” which brought back a gay character and which dealt with Blanche’s eventual acceptance of her gay brother’s impending marriage to his lover, we read Steve Weinstein’s April 7 article, “Back Into the Closet,” with interest. Weinstein’s observations are disturbingly accurate.

But there is hope. During the writing, production and airing of our episode, we received nothing but support from Witt-Thomas-Harris, NBC, actors and fellow writing staff members. Later, we were thrilled that viewers’ letters were overwhelmingly positive.

As for the Rev. Donald Wildmon and his organization, they certainly didn’t disappoint us. But as soon as they began their attack, thankfully both GLADD and People for the American Way were there to counter them.


It was reassuring to know that narrow-mindedness doesn’t always win out and that there is a place on television, and in the world, for alternative lifestyles.


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Executive Story Editors

“The Golden Girls”