Ticketmaster's Suit

Re: "Ticketmaster Has 'Had It' With Brokers," by Chuck Philips (April 11), about the lawsuit against a ticket broker:

What The Times is reporting is what the average concert ticket buyer has known since the early 1980s--it is virtually impossible to get a good seat for a major act in Southern California because the good seats are bought by ticker brokers well before they are made available to the public.

Many of us have long suspected that there were behind-the-scenes shenanigans other than the obvious truckloads of people dropped off at the Ticketmaster locations to buy for brokers.

It seems less and less coincidental that when tickets go on sale at a designated time, the computers "jam up" for several minutes. By the time the first individual purchasers get their chance, the only available seats are the least desirable ones.

The process for the average ticket buyer is frustrating, time-consuming and increasingly expensive. I hope that Ticketmaster's lawsuit is successful and that eventually the ticket agencies are put out of business.


Long Beach

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