Clark Street Woes

I am writing in response to the article written by Duke Helfand, titled "Sunset Strip Clubs Tune In to Neighbors" (Times, April 14).

I have been living on north Clark Street, just above Sunset Boulevard, for the past 11 years. Generally, it is a convenient place to live, close to good shopping, wonderful restaurants and the various activities which West Hollywood offers. In fact, I would say that during the week it an almost ideal place.

But on the weekends north Clark Street becomes a living hell for its residents. The noise of kids screaming, cars gunning their engines, music blaring rises to such an intolerable pitch that even earphones cannot drown it out. Also, there are enormous quantities of garbage; beer bottles lying in the street, on the sidewalk, in the foliage and in our carports. One morning as I was going to brunch with my upstairs neighbor we noticed that her car radio antenna had been broken off and that pieces of it were lying on the ground. The police informed us that someone had probably tried to use it as a crack pipe.

Last Saturday night I heard a strange sound outside my front door. When I opened it to investigate, I saw a well-dressed young girl of 17 or 18 squatting and urinating on the ground. It was disgusting and shocking. It was the proverbial straw. I called the police who informed me that they had too many other priorities to come and shoo away the kids.

This situation is caused by the clubs, the Whiskey, the Rainbow, the Roxy and Gazzari's. That's the bottom line. They are the draw. If they weren't here we wouldn't have this mess. They must do something about it. They're making money. We're suffering. Not fair!!

I would like to propose a few changes: 1. Police pay more attention to our side streets between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. 2. The club owners have their own patrols as well. 3. The club owners make an announcement to their patrons to please be quiet when going to their cars to avoid problems, and 4. That they enlarge and improve their bathroom facilities.

I'm not hopeful that your article will help, but at least I don't feel so alone in my rage, knowing that others are outraged too. The good that your article did is that at least now I know who to contact to help me fight these people. Thanks for that.


West Hollywood

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