BREA : Landfill Expansion Is Contested by City

A county report detailing the effects of expanding the Olinda landfill did not adequately address the impact on Brea, city officials charged this week.

The officials, in a lengthy response to the draft environmental impact report on the proposal, said that the county study failed to address a series of potential problems, ranging from increased traffic in Brea to the impact on the city's open space.

"There is a whole laundry list," City Manager Frank Benest said. "We are taking a very aggressive approach to this."

Among the city's top concerns is traffic circulation. The county report states that if the landfill at the end of Valencia Avenue is expanded, traffic to the site will increase to more than 2,000 daily trips by 1995. The city suggests building a separate access road to accommodate the truck traffic.

"The new access road and intersection shall be completed prior to the proposed expansion," the response stated. Limiting the number of daily trips to 750 was also recommended.

The response also requested that the county pay a "host fee" of $1 per ton of trash to Brea for locating the expanded landfill within city boundaries. The fee would be used to repair streets and decrease noise and air pollution, according to the city report.

"We think there should be a host-community surcharge to deal with the burdens," Benest said.

The county-owned site is one of four being considered by the County Board of Supervisors to take up the slack when two existing landfills reach their capacities and close within the next six years.

Olinda was slated to close in 1997, but the county suggests expanding its operation for an additional 30 years by buying a nearby vacant canyon for $36 million. The Olinda plan is estimated to be the cheapest of the four under consideration.

If adopted, a proposal to turn the landfill site into a regional park would be put on hold.

The county can now respond to the city's concerns. A final impact report will be adopted before a selection is made. The decision is not expected for several months.

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