Bringing Sand to the Beaches

We have lived beside the San Luis Rey River for 14 years. We were here for the winter storms of '80 and '81 when the river was a quarter of a mile wide here. At that time you could see the sand going into the ocean from the river for half a mile at the mouth of the San Luis Rey River.

Now the county Department of Planning and Land Use seems to be so in need of money that it has given, or sold, permits to at least six companies to mine the sand of the San Luis Rey River so none can reach the ocean to return to the beaches in the spring and summer, as nature intended.

It doesn't make sense to me to give permission to mine all the sand and then spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to truck in sand to put on the beaches.

Left alone, nature does a great job on all the Southern California beaches from the few rivers we have that empty into the Pacific Ocean. They should be better protected from politicians.



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