Man Awarded $760,000 in Police Brutality Suit

A jury awarded nearly $760,000 to a Los Angeles man who said that he was beaten and handcuffed and that his home was nearly destroyed in a 1988 police raid that yielded no drugs.

Roger Guydon, a 60-year-old plaster worker who said he developed carpal tunnel syndrome in his wrists after being handcuffed, thanked jurors outside the courtroom after their ruling in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Under the jury's ruling on Wednesday, the city will pay $750,000 to Guydon. The amount was increased on Thursday when jurors decided the officers named as defendants in the lawsuit should collectively pay $7,100 in damages. The judgment comes on top of nearly $15 million the city has paid this year in settlements and judgments involving police brutality complaints--almost double last year's record $9.5 million.

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