Role of Religion in Schools, Society

Congratulations to the Presbyterian Church on its victory in upholding 2,000 years of Christian moral teaching on matters pertaining to the right use of sex ("Presbyterian Vote Rejects Relaxing of Sex Sanctions," Part A, June 11). The Roman Catholic Church also continues to uphold the view that sex is a sacred and holy act, which is only valid for the Christian within the context of marriage.

To those who would lightly disregard this view, I would like to point out that Christianity has always called for sacrifices from its true followers. A Christian cannot live "as the pagans do," whether it be in matters of physical love, love of neighbor, love of money, love of God or love of self. Simply going to church once a week does not a Christian make.

The issue of sexual morality has nothing to do with the church trying to control people--it has everything to do with the church guiding Christians in lifestyles that will best aid them in attaining the goal of one day seeing God face to face. Those who would differ with the constant Christian tradition have the burden of proof on their shoulders.


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