From the Boys’ Club in Pasadena to ‘T2' Has Been ‘Great Fun’

Edward Furlong seems like a typical 13-year-old enjoying his summer vacation.

He collects CDs. “I like Janet Jackson,” he admits, shyly. He’s not very fond of school (he enters the eighth grade this fall), digs videotaping family parties “and stuff like that” and hangs out with his buds at the Boys’ Club in Pasadena.

Edward also loves movies, especially those starring Jodie Foster, Kevin Costner and Macaulay Culkin. This weekend, he’s planning to catch Arnold Schwarzenegger flex his muscles in the much-anticipated “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” directed by James Cameron.

A big fan of the 1984 original, Edward maintains that the sequel “is a lot better.” As of July 4, he had already seen “T2" five times.


Edward is one devoted “T2" fan who also happens to be in the movie. He plays the pivotal role of John, Sarah Connor’s (Linda Hamilton) young son, who, in the future, will lead the human resistance against the deadly machines. Schwarzenegger’s futuristic Terminator is sent back in time to protect John from a deadly Terminator (Robert Patrick).

“I had to learn how to ride a motorcycle, speak Spanish and learn how to fix guns,” boasts Edward, who is too young to see the R-rated “T2" without a guardian. “It was fun.”

Edward, who had never acted before, was discovered by “T2" casting director Mali Finn while playing at the Boys’ Club: “I didn’t know who she was. She came over to me and said, ‘Can I talk with you?’ So I said, ‘What did I do wrong?’ ”

When he learned she was casting for “T2,” he “ran everywhere” in excitement. After three grueling interviews and acting lessons, Edward got the part.

Despite working 9 1/2-hour days for six months and having to cope with special effects, Edward says making the movie was “great fun.” As for Schwarzenegger, Edward gushes: “He is a real cool guy. I have a lot of respect for Arnold.”