Getting Rid of Hussein

When will we as civilized people understand that war is obsolete? Most wars through history have been fought because of greed, ideology, religion, national pride, economics or the distorted vision of a fearless leader. Surely we as a country should be determining a foreign policy with another way to settle disputes. Even now, as we celebrate the victory in the Persian Gulf, I wonder if we are making an effort to come up with a policy to settle the differences we still face now that the shooting is over.

It seems ironic to mess up a whole country and people because their leader is such a terrorist. I hope some day someone will discover a way to deal with these psychotic leaders who appear on the scene from time to time without involving the young men and women of the world in a shooting war. Think of the money that would become available for education, child care, social needs, job training and other opportunities if war paraphernalia became extinct everywhere.

I am well aware that I'm living in a dream world if I think we could abandon the Pentagon in my lifetime. We have to begin thinking this way, if it is ever to happen. I am very encouraged by the recent announcement that UC Irvine is offering a peace major.


Monarch Beach

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