Readers Lament 'Return of the Brute'

Aw, c'mon. This guy Ross thinks he has something new to offer the socially mauled and the L. A. unlaid?

But I'm sure there will be letters aplenty, taking apart Ross's archaic yesteryear approaches to matters of the heart and mattress.

I would just like to offer a brief scenario for Ross: OK, pal, you meet a woman and, following your ancient principles, manage to bed her. You carve another notch on the old bedpost. Then you find yourself . . . well, you know, kind of falling in love with her.

Now what? She has come to like/love the game player. How are you going to clue her in to the real you, the one with emotions and feelings and sensitivity? (Remember those cumbersome concepts that sometimes kept you from scoring?)

I'm sorry you were dumped by your recent girlfriend. Perhaps she read your book and realized she was being taken for a ride rather than a relationship.



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