What Best Benefits Port Hueneme

I commend the Port Hueneme City Council on its decision to implement the beach assessment fee. This type of decision is not easy to make.

As a civic leader, one quickly learns that it is nearly impossible to make everyone happy all the time. You simply have to weigh the pros and cons and make the decision that best benefits the well-being of the entire city.

Looking out over the angry group at the recent council meeting, I couldn’t help but remember many years ago, when the council I served on was considering establishing a Redevelopment Agency. Many property owners and absentee slumlords were very adamantly opposed to redevelopment.

The council at that time was subject to verbal abuse and physical threats. Despite this, we decided we needed to go forward with redevelopment for the good of the city. Today, I look at our city with pride. I see how much we have done and what a difference it is compared to when we started.


In the midst of serious financial trouble, the council is working hard to preserve the progress and the quality of life we now enjoy. I’m sure the majority of Port Hueneme residents are grateful.


Former Mayor of Port Hueneme