An effective lesson for an ex-husband who...

An effective lesson for an ex-husband who won’t pay child support?

Seize his Rolls-Royce.

A Calabasas woman who was owed more than $90,000 in child support was partially paid back Tuesday when the district attorney’s office auctioned her ex-husband’s 1987 Silver Spur Rolls-Royce for $50,500 to a Hollywood car dealer.

The Rolls was seized from Marshall Rose, 44, an unemployed former owner of an energy conservation company, after he pleaded no contest to child neglect, then failed to pay court-ordered spousal and child support, Deputy Dist. Atty. Jacqueline Abitboul said.


The money will be forwarded to Karen Rose, 45, an unemployed bookkeeper and mother of two daughters, ages 11 and 16, who was disabled by a recent spinal operation to ease chronic back pain, Abitboul said.

Prosecutors seized Marshall Rose’s Rolls-Royce (along with a 1990 Mercedes-Benz convertible and a GMC four-wheel drive Suburban) last year after he had fallen behind in support payments by more than $200,000, Abitboul said.

Rose posted a $120,000 bond to reclaim the cars. But after he continued to miss support payments, a judge ordered him to either return the vehicles or forfeit the bond. “He kind of flipped out,” Abitboul said of Rose’s reaction to having to give up the Rolls.

Although Rose sold the Mercedes and the Suburban to catch up on his payments, he kept the black, hand-built, leather-upholstered Rolls Royce.


On Tuesday, the relationship between man and car came to an inglorious end at Johnson’s Super Service Impound Lot in West Hollywood, where the prized Rolls sold for nearly $7,000 less than its estimated value. Rose had no comment about the sale.

“That car,” the prosecutor said, “was his baby.”