City Expands Rebates for Low-Flow Toilets

For the second time in four months, the Glendale City Council has agreed to expand a highly successful rebate program to encourage residents to convert their standard toilets to ultralow-flow models.

The council agreed Tuesday to allocate $200,000 for the rebate program, more than half of which will be contributed by the Metropolitan Water District.

Starting in April, the city offered $100 rebates to citizens who made the water-saving switch to low-flow toilets.

Initially, the program was funded for 1,000 rebates, but was quickly doubled due to the high demand. Nevertheless, by the end of June, the money was gone.

More than 700 people who switched their toilets after the funds dried up were put on a waiting list to receive money if more became available. They will now be able to receive the rebates, as will an additional 1,300 people.

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