Car Clubs

The local car club is the lifeblood of street rodding. Club members share advice and technical know-how. The clubs also sponsor social events, with the proceeds frequently being donated to charity.

Some clubs are more active than others. Some limit membership to certain makes or model years, often divided into pre- and post-1948 models. (The year 1948 was the last year of the so-called "fat-fender" car.)

Some clubs have an unofficial distinction between "buyers" clubs and "builders" clubs. Buyers usually purchase completed or nearly completed cars. Builders often redo their own old cars or put cars together piece by piece, often with the help of other members.

Here are some clubs operating in the area:

The Car Club Council of Greater San Diego. This is the umbrella group for most car clubs in the county. It meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Automobile Museum in Balboa Park. For information, call Obie Oberlander at 557-5718 or 463-4558.

Carlsbad Village Cruisers, Les Mobley, 434-7700. This club has no year restrictions.

Fabulous Fifties Fords, Pat Novacek, 697-1067. This is a countywide club for owners of Fords dating from 1949 to 1960.

High Seas Cruisers, Bob Rice, 565-8620. This countywide club is restricted to retired and active-duty military with pre-1970 cars.

The Ignitors, Jack Barreiro, 722-3663. Car owners with machines dated to 1959 can join.

Little Guys, Marcus Collins, 744-3125. This club is open with a muscle car emphasis.

Over the Hill Gang, Hot Line: 460-8050. Although based in San Diego, this club is the biggest in the county and the most active street rod group.

Prowlers, Ken Polesky, 463-1941. Founded in 1947, the Prowlers are restricted to pre-1948 Fords.

Rod Knockers, Jack Bockelman, 745-9418. This club is open to owners with cars from 1948.

The Sleepers, Billy Hebdon, 722-4480. The Sleepers limit membership to pre-1959 cars.

Super Streeters, Tony Barts, 443-1710. Although based in East County, this club, restricted to 1958 to 1972 American-made cars, is looking for members from North County.

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