3 More Tow Trucks to Help Freeway Drivers


Three more tow trucks have been assigned to assist motorists stalled on the San Diego Freeway in San Fernando Valley, county transportation officials said Monday.

The trucks will join eight that already patrol the Valley under a program to get broken-down cars off congested freeways quickly. More than 1,000 drivers have been helped since the program began last month.

The three additional trucks will cover more than nine miles of the freeway between Devonshire Street and Mullholland Drive, said Michael Bustamante, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission.


Bustamante said officials plan to add five more trucks to patrol portions of the Ventura and the Antelope Valley freeways, beginning Sept. 9.

Under the program, which is free to motorists, tow truck drivers will change tires, supply small amounts of gas or tow stalled drivers to restaurant parking lots. It is financed through a half-cent sales tax initiative, Proposition C, passed by voters in November, 1990.