Coming to the Defense of Westminster High

As a teacher at Westminster High School for the past 18 years, I was shocked and dismayed at how unfairly my high school was portrayed in Dianne Klein's column of July 28 ("Question of Bigotry or What's Best for Our Children?").

The tone of the column and its accompanying picture is highly inflammatory and fuels the very racism we on the staff are trying to prevent. The implication that Westminster High is a dangerous place is simply not true. I have always felt safe going to work there. Our entire staff is committed to providing our students with an outstanding learning environment.

Do we have gangs and drugs? Of course. Unfortunately, no school today is without these problems, even Marina High School. We do not tolerate gang activity on our campus.

We have a very strict discipline policy and dress code. Disruptive students are dealt with swiftly and severely. Westminster High parents are safe and secure on our campus.

What did Ms. Klein hope to accomplish in her column? As far as I can see, the quotes she chose to print--"murder school," "some of the Hispanics, they mess with you"--only serve to undermine all the good things that are happening on our campus and are a direct insult to all the dedicated teachers, administrators, staff and students.



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