2 Armed Men Storm Nomura Securities : Scandal: The pair demanded to see a Nomura official and then later gave up. No one was reported injured.

From Associated Press

Two armed men believed to be right-wing extremists stormed into the headquarters of Nomura Securities Co. on Thursday to protest the scandal that has shaken Japan’s financial industry, police and a company spokesman said.

The men, who were carrying pistols, gave up 90 minutes later after speaking to a Nomura official that they had demanded to see. Television news showed two handcuffed men wearing Western suits being led away by police.

Right-wing groups have been protesting the recent brokerage scandal, in which securities firms paid $1.3 billion as compensation for stock trading losses to favored large clients.


Since the compensations were first disclosed more than a month ago, trucks have been parked near securities firms, blaring taped speeches that attack the securities firms for their unfairness to individual investors.

Nomura has also come under criticism for helping arrange financing for a former head of a huge underworld syndicate. The ex-mob boss bought many shares of a railway corporation through Nomura, which is under investigation on suspicion of manipulating the stock’s price.

The two armed men entered the brokerage’s headquarters about 10 a.m., demanding to talk to a mid-level Nomura official, Japan Broadcasting Corp. reported. They then took out their pistols and refused to move.

The official, Kiyoshi Isami, remained behind with the armed men and an unspecified number of police officers while the rest of the building’s first floor was evacuated of about 150 employees and a handful of customers, police said.

The officers and the company official talked the two men into giving up, police said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries, but a shot had been fired, police said.

Police refused to give the names or ages of the arrested men.