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The Times reported on a controversy at the County Board of Supervisors concerning Supervisor Michael Antonovich’s suggestion that the board name a new county nursing scholarship fund after himself (Metro, July 31). Antonovich reportedly responded to Supervisor Edelman’s concerns that this was self-serving and inappropriate by pointing to the Edmund D. Edelman Health Center, thereby indicating that Edelman named this “county health center” after himself.

Supervisor Antonovich is incorrect. The Edmund D. Edelman Health Center is not a county facility. Rather, the Edelman Health Center is a medical clinic owned and operated entirely by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center (GLCSC).

Edelman had nothing to do with the naming of this facility. The GLCSC board of directors decided to honor Edelman for his leadership on issues of importance to the lesbian and gay community and on health issues generally by naming GLCSC’s health center after him.



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