Religious Teachings


The article “When God Goes to Work” (July 26) by Garry Abrams pointed out an interesting paradox.

Teachers can offer their opinions to students on almost any subject and not be criticized, but should a word escape their lips regarding a belief in God, they can and are fired.

Employees can plaster their office with politically correct or social opinion material and not receive a reprimand, but should it be related to their religious belief, they are in big trouble.


Somehow our nation has deviated from the original thinking of our forefathers and twisted the intent of the laws and guidelines they wisely created.

We became the greatest country in the world when we were following their examples and intended meaning of the law.

They never meant to exclude God from government but wanted to guarantee that government give each citizen the right to practice his/her own beliefs.

At least articles like Mr. Abrams’ is a step in the right direction. Let’s have more!


Newport Beach