Big Cheese, Without Big Smell

Marin French Cheese Co.

7500 Red Hill Road, P.O. Box 99

Petaluma, Calif. 94952

(800) 292-6001

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The way things are going, the cheese shelves in supermarkets will be devoted mostly to low-fat jacks and wimpy Cheddars. But Schloss, a Limburger-type cheese that originated in Austria years and years ago, doesn’t have to compete for supermarket space. Only one company in America manufactures it--the Marin French Cheese Co. in Petaluma, under the Rouge et Noir label.

The Limburger family is a pungent group, but Schloss, which is cured at lower temperatures, is slightly less odoriferous than the imported kind. It’s delicious stuff--tawny and tangy and, when warm, as soft as butter. Spread on rye and washed down with a stein of beer, Schloss is the perfect cheese for people who do not suffer from fear of flavor.


Three six-ounce cheeses cost $13.50, shipping included. Be careful though--one bite could ruin your taste for those sissy supermarket cheeses.