Santa Fe Springs : District Rejects $2-Million Offer on Former School Site

The Little Lake City School District board has rejected a $2-million offer for the seven-acre site where Gettysburg Elementary School once stood.

The property, near the corner of Norwalk Boulevard and Imperial Highway in Norwalk, is currently the site of a shopping center. The district earns $228,000 a year by leasing the land to Woodview Development Co. Inc. of Santa Ana, which wants to buy the parcel.

“It is not in the district’s best interest to accept the offer,” Supt. John Pulice told board members in a meeting at the school district headquarters in Santa Fe Springs. “Over time, we would gain more in the yearly lease. If the offer was doubled it would be considered, but to accept this would be foolish.”

The school district closed Gettysburg Elementary in 1984 due to low enrollment and because there was another school, Paddison Elementary, across the street.