Mother Seeking a Transfer for Son Responds to Controversy

I was greatly incensed at the response of Penny H. Rutledge in defending Westminster High. Shame on Penny, who in her attempt to defend Westminster High School stooped so low as to call Marina High "lots of plastic people who live in a white-bread society."

I have three children, all graduates of Marina High School. They are quite individualistic, learned to think for themselves and thus able to function productively in our society. Marina High School certainly played a large part in their development. They attended Marina with many Asians, Hispanics and admittedly at that time only a few black children--early 1980s.

There was some marijuana, plenty of alcohol and probably other substances used at that time. Not everyone succumbed to them. Plastic people?

Out of my kids' three classes, some married right out of high school, some went to junior colleges or trade schools, some to colleges and universities.

Contrary to her belief, lots of girls wear no makeup (my daughter included), dress in non-designer-label clothes--just appropriate high school "duds," and no--they didn't own their own car.

Like others at Westminster High School, our kids were in student government, on the track and tennis teams and probably had much the same routine as many high-schoolers: homework, lessons, school activities, part-time jobs and full-time summer jobs.

So, Ms. Rutledge, please don't make such rash generalizations about Marina High School, and we will accord Westminster High School the same respect.

MARLENE LOPIN, Huntington Beach

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