Schools to Begin Fall Term Monday

About 180 public schools in the San Fernando Valley will open their doors Monday for the fall term, most of them joining the Los Angeles Unified School District's year-round schedule for the first time.

They are among about 450 schools throughout the district that have been converted to the year-round schedule to ease overcrowding, district officials said.

The massive shift has school officials braced for questions from parents unaware of the change or those still struggling to adapt to a school year starting in mid-August.

"We are expecting some confusion," spokeswoman Diane Munatones said.

District officials estimated that close to one-third of the 360,000 students affected by the change districtwide are in the Valley, but they did not have exact figures.

About 45 schools in the Valley are already functioning on the year-round schedule, officials said.

Information on bus pickup points and schedules was mailed Aug. 12 to parents of children who are bused to school.

Parents who have not received the notices can call (213) 227-4421. Spanish-speakers can call (213) 227-4427.

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