Deputies Seize $8 Million in Marijuana Plants Growing in Shipping Containers

Associated Press

An estimated $8 million worth of marijuana plants were seized Friday from a sophisticated nursery set up in a series of shipping containers and equipped with growing lights and timers, officials said.

The nine large containers--the type used to haul produce on trains--were linked together on a fenced lot north of March Air Force Base, said Riverside County Sheriff's Detective Henry Sawicki.

The 1,760 plants were being grown hydroponically, or without soil, he said. Water was used to feed nutrients to the plants, which flourished under grow lights.

A packaging system for the marijuana also was found at the scene, Sawicki said.

No arrests were made, but he said investigators "know who they are looking for."

He said the seizure was the result of a combined investigation by the sheriff's departments of Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

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