Some Advice for the County Supervisors on the Deficit and Budget Cuts

In response to "Budget Crisis Is Real, O.C. Officials Say" (July 23): As a volunteer for the O.C. Social Services Agency for the past three years, I must protest the closing of the volunteer program! I ask each member of the board the following questions.

1. Have you ever become a "PAL" (through the PAL program) to a sexually abused 4-year-old who now, after more than a year of weekly visits and outings, runs with open arms to you when you arrive each week? She has become completely trusting. She comes from a foster home and sometimes the foster parent does not have the time or the money to do this.

2. Have you ever fed and rocked a newborn at Orangewood? (Many are drug babies; some are found in bushes along the road.) This is a time-consuming task, and the volunteer is most welcome here.

3. Have you ever visited the gym at Orangewood in December? Try it sometime! Your heart will swell with pride when you see thousands of dollars' worth of toys and clothes donated by caring citizens and companies throughout Orange County. You will see scores of volunteers sorting and packing for distribution to the needy.

I'm sure you must agree with me that $150,000 is a drop in the bucket when we get in return hundreds of thousands of dollars in free time from these caring volunteers. The supervisors were elected by the people because we assumed they were smart financially as well as politically. Did we assume wrong?

EVE BIAVA, Dana Point

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