QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS : Flicking Back to Television’s Past


Question: Where is the national museum devoted to television and what’s there?

Answer: The Museum of Television and Radio in New York City (1 East 53rd St., 212-752-4690) exhibits some of the most famous moments in broadcast history. Other features include special displays and visits by broadcast personalities.

Q: Can I cancel my cruise booking without penalty if the ship visits a country reported by the U.S. State Department as experiencing civil unrest or other problems?


A: Cruise lines are not obligated to refund your deposit or fare unless the U.S. State Department specifically warns you not to travel to certain areas except for compelling reasons. Many such advisories report problems far removed from port cities and other tourist spots that are not likely to affect cruise passengers. It’s always wise, however, to buy cancellation insurance.

Q: Are there special travel programs and tourist facilities in Florida catering to African-Americans?

A: The state’s hotels and public tourist facilities are open to all visitors. However, Broward County is making a special effort to attract minority travelers. For a free copy of its “Visitors Guide to Black Broward,” call (800) 356-1662 or write to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, 200 E. Las Olas, Suite 1500, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 33301.

Q: We’re interested in a Baltic Sea cruise. How long is the season and what are the average rates?

A: Baltic passenger and car ferries offer diverse itineraries, including all Scandinavian countries and the Soviet Union. A two-day trip between Stockholm and Helsinki, for example, starts at $75 and goes as high as $250, including breakfast. Season is usually to October.

Q: We’re visiting Scotland and would like information about when the principal historic sites and buildings are open to the public, plus the 1991 admission charges.


A: For information, contact Historic Scotland, 20 Brandon St., Edinburgh EH3 5RA, Scotland.