The networks and premium cable companies can...

The networks and premium cable companies can easily end the woes cited in your July 28 issue ("Premium Stakes," TV Times).

The networks need only reduce the volume of tasteless and unimaginative commercials with which they bombard a helpless audience, and stop censoring films they think might offend self-appointed guardians of public morality. The few who protest will be more than offset by the many who are desperate for some semblance of maturity.

The cable companies need only heed the lesson taught early in this century by Messrs Ford, Kress and Woolworth: lower their prices. They will more than make up the difference from subscribers who now are either priced out of the market or don't feel what they get is worth the cost.

Considering the unconscionable greed that drives the few wealthy people who control both businesses to increase their wealth still further, both prospects are unlikely. The public might benefit, and we all know the public only exists to swell their profits.

David Bowen, Monrovia

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