Dornan Decries 'Attack' in Column

Klein writes in her column that under the U.S. Supreme Court rulings on Rust vs. Sullivan abortion clinics that receive federal dollars may not mention abortion as an option for pregnant women, under any circumstances.

Dr. Louis Sullivan, Secretary of Health and Human Services, wrote to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy on June 5, 1991, to express the Administration's opposition to legislation that forces federally subsidized clinics to do abortion counseling. Sullivan writes that, "some supporters of this legislation have expressed concern that the current regulations prevent Title X grantees from referring women for abortions even where a health emergency required such a referral. That concern is completely unfounded. The regulations expressly require referrals for emergency medical care under such circumstances . . . and the Supreme Court specifically approved these portions of the regulations."

STEPHEN R. SHELDON, Executive Director for Traditional Values Coalition


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