Bias Against the Dead

Your front-page article "Rock Ain't Rollin' " (Aug. 10) once again shows Calendar's bias against the Grateful Dead. They're No. 1 of the 1991 top-grossing summer tours. They're the only group to appear in both the '90 and '91 five top-grossing summer tours. You felt it important to provide their picture (complete with negative caption), yet they aren't even mentioned in the text of the article. In the caption, your unfair comparison to a mega-stadium-playing group that tours once every few years is nonsensical. The Dead's '91 gross is higher than last year.

The article mentioned 13 different performers but not the Grateful Dead. You extol the success of the Lollapalooza tour and credit it with deep sociological connections--which were patterned from the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show. Your continuous slightings (and slander) of the Grateful Dead do not go unnoticed and accent your ignorant incompetence.


Yorba Linda

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